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b.1888 d.1964
British author of ghost stories.
Short Stories 
They Return at Evening, Philip Alan (London), [1928]
(Including: "That Dieth Not", "Of Persons Unknown", " 'He Cometh and He Passeth By!' ", "Professor Pownall's Oversight", "The Third Coach", "The Red Lodge", " 'And He Shall Sing...' ", "The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster", "A Peg on Which To Hang—", "An Echo".)
 ditto, Appleton Century (New York), 1928
ditto, Ash-Tree Press (British Columbia), 1995
(Including: Introduction by Barbara Roden; 'That Dieth Not'; 'Of Persons Unknown'; '"He Cometh and He Passeth By!"'; 'Professor Pownall's Oversight'; 'The Third Coach'; 'The Red Lodge'; '"And He Shall Sing . . ."'; 'The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster'; 'A Peg on Which To Hang——'; 'An Echo'.)
Old Man's Beard, Fifteen Disturbing Tales, Geoffrey Bles (London), [1929]
(Including: "Old Man's Beard", "The Last to Leave", "The Cairn", "Present at the End", " 'Look Up There!' ", "Blind Man's Buff", "A Coincidence at Hunton", "Nurse's Tale", "The Dune", "Unrehearsed", "A Jolly Surprise for Henri", "The Red Hand", "Surprise Item", "A Case of Mistaken Identity".)
ditto, Ash-Tree Press (British Columbia), 1996
(Including: Introduction by Barbara Roden; 'Old Man's Beard'; 'The Last to Leave'; 'The Cairn'; 'Present at the End'; '"Look Up There!"'; '"Written in Our Flesh"'; 'Blind Man's Buff'; 'A Coincidence at Hunton'; 'Nurse's Tale'; 'The Dune'; 'Unrehearsed'; 'A Jolly Surprise for Henri'; 'The Red Hand'; 'Surprise Item'; 'A Case of Mistaken Identity'.)
ditto as Others Who Returned, Appleton & Co (New York), 1929
Imagine a Man in a Box, Philip Alan (London), 1931
(Including: "The Central Figure", "Frontier Guards", The Lazaroid", "Corporal Humpit of the 4th Musketeers", "The Inevitable Flaw", "Damp Sheets", Day-Dream in Macedon", Epilogue by Roger Bantock.")
ditto, D. Appleton & Co. (New York), 1931
ditto, Ash-Tree Press (British Columbia), 1997
(Including: Introduction by Barbara Roden; ‘Imagine a Man in a Box’; ‘Mr Bellows, the Monkey and the Turtle’; ‘The Central Figure’; ‘The Swimease’; ‘Day-Dream in Macedon’; ‘The Sun in their Eyes’; ‘Frontier Guards’; ‘The Only Way Out’; ‘The Lazaroid’; ‘Epilogue by Roger Bantock’; ‘Corporal Humpit of the 4th Musketeers’; ‘The Inevitable Flaw’; ‘Damp Sheets’; ‘H.R. Wakefield: Bibliographical Bafflements’ by Jack Adrian.)
Ghost Stories, Jonathan Cape (Lane), 1932
(Including: "Messrs. Turkes and Talbot", "A Peg on Which to Hang", "Used Car", "Damp Sheets", "The Cairn", "Blind Man's Buff", "Look Up There", "The Frontier Guards", "Mr. Ash's Studio", "Nurse's Tale", "A Coincidence at Hunton", "The Red Hand", "An Echo", "Day-Dream in Macedon", "Knock! Knock! Who's There?", "Epilogue by Roger Bantock", "The Last to Leave", "The Central Figure", "Old Man's Beard", "Present at the End", "A Jolly Surprise for Henri.")
A Ghostly Company: A Book of Ghost Sories, Jonathan Cape (London), 1932
(Including: "And He Shall Sing", "Death of a Poacher", "He Cometh and He Passeth By", "A Fishing Story", "The Seventeenth Hole at Duncaster", "Or Persons Unknown", "The Inevitable Flaw" "That Dieth Not", "The Red Lodge", "Professor Pownall's Oversight", "The Third Coach", "Corporal Humpit of the 4th Musketeers".)
The Clock Strikes Twelve, Tales of the Supernatural, Jenkins (London), [1940]
(Including: "Into Outer Darkness", "The Alley", "Jay Walkers", "Ingredient X", "I Recognised the Voice", "Farewell Performance", "Not Quite Cricket", "In Collaboration", "A Stitch in Time", "Lucky’s Grove", "Happy Ending?", "The First Sheaf", "Masrur".)
ditto, Arkham House (Sauk City, Wisc.), 1946
(as above but adds "A Fishing Story", "Used Car", "Death of a Poacher", "Knock! Knock! Who’s There?"
ditto, Ash-Tree Press (British Columbia), 1998
(Contents: Introduction by Barbara Roden; ‘Why I Write Ghost Stories’; ‘Into Outer Darkness’; ‘The Alley’; ‘Jay Walkers’; ‘Ingredient X’; ‘"I Recognised the Voice"’; ‘Farewell Performance’; ‘Not Quite Cricket’; ‘In Collaboration’; ‘A Stitch in Time’; ‘Lucky’s Grove’; ‘Red Feathers’; ‘Happy Ending?’; ‘The First Sheaf’; ‘Masrur’; ‘A Fishing Story’; ‘Used Car’; ‘Death of a Poacher’; ‘Knock! Knock! Who’s There?’; ‘From the Vasty Deep’; ‘Out of the Wrack I Rise’; ‘A Black Solitude’.)
Strayers from Sheol, Arkham House (Sauk City, Wisc.), 1961
(Including: " Mr Ash's Studio", "Messrs Turkes and Talbot", "The Third Shadow", "The Gorge of the Churels", "The Triumph of Death", "Woe Water", "A Kink in Space-Time", "Ghost Hunt", "Immortal Bird", "The Caretaker", "Four-Eyes", "The Sepulchre of Jasper Sarasen", "The Middle Drawer", "Monstrous Regiment".)
ditto, Ash-Tree Press (British Columbia), 1999
(Including: Introduction by Barbara Roden; Farewell to All Those!; The Triumph of Death; Ghost Hunt; The Third Shadow; The Gorge of the Churels; Mr Ash's Studio; Woe Water; A Kink in Space-Time; Messrs Turkes and Talbot; 'Immortal Bird'; The Caretaker; 'Four-Eyes'; The Sepulchre of Jasper Sarasen; The Middle Drawer; Monstrous Regiment; The Animals in the Case; The Last Meeting of Two Old Friends; Death of a Bumble-Bee; Appointment with Fire.)
The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield, John Murray (London), [1978]
(Selected and Introduced by Richard Dalby)
ditto, Academy Chicago (Chicago), 1982
Reunion at Dawn, Uncollected Stories, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2000
(Includes: "Reunion at Dawn", "The Fire-Watcher's Story", "Parrot Cry", "Surprise for Papa", "Final Variation", "The Sandwich", "The Fall of the House of Gilpin", "Vengeance is Ours!", "The Assignation", "The Latch-Key", "The Night Can Sweat with Terror", "At World's End", "An Air of Berlioz", "The Bodyguard", "That Sleep of Death", "Familiar Spirit", "A Man's Best Friend".)
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