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b. 1957
Born is Seattle, John Pelan was inspired to become a writer at age thirteen when he discovered that Arkham House had published a book submitted by Ramsey Campbell at age sixteen. Not as precocious as Mr. Campbell, it was another two decades before he would begin writing seriously. Prior to launching his writing career he worked as a sales trainer, mixologist, steel-worker, and antiquarian bookseller. In 1986 he founded Axolotl Press and published several well-received volumes by authors such as Tim Powers, Charles de Lint, Michael Shea, and James P. Blaylock. He is the editor of several popular anthologies, including the Bram Stoker Award winning The Darker Side. His most recent anthology project is the massive tome(s) The Century's Best Horror where Pelan selected the best story of each year from 1901-2000. The book took nearly three years of work to complete, but is now being turned in to the publisher and should see publication in 2004.
With Edward Lee, he is co-author of the novels Goon, Shifters, and Family Tradition and the collection Splatterspunk and several short stories which will be collected in book form by the Overlook Connection Press. While his work with Edward Lee tends toward the graphic and extreme, Pelan's solo work is far more traditional and understated.
His new novella, The Colour out of Darkness is available from Cemetery Dance Publications. A major collection of his ghostly fiction Darkness, My Old Friend is forthcoming in 2005 from Ash-Tree Press. As a researcher and historian of the horror genre John has edited over two-dozen single author collections including collections by Russell Kirk and Violet Hunt for Ash-Tree Press. He is currently working on assembling collections by Fritz Leiber, Charles Birkin, and Daniel F. Galouye for publication by Darkside Press and Midnight House. John lives with his wife Kathy (and their six cats) in Seattle where they have just celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary.
Goon, Necro Publications (Orlando, FL), 1995 (With Edward Lee)
Shifters, Obsidian Press (U.S.), 1998 (With Edward Lee)
An Antique Vintage, The Gargadillo Press, 1999
Short Stories
Splaterspunk, Sideshow (U.S.), 1998 (with Edward Lee)
Anthologies edited
Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium, Darkside Press (Seattle), 1995
The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique, Shadowlands Press, 1999
Children of Cthulhu, Del Rey, 2002 (with Benjamin Adams)
The Darker Side: Generations of Horror, ROC, 2002
Shadows over Baker Street, Del Rey, 2003 (with Michael Reaves)
The Century's Best Horror, Cemetery Dance, 2003
Dark Arts, Cemetery Dance, 2004
A Walk on the Darkside, ROC, 2004
Single Author Collections edited
The Selected Manly Wade Wellman Stories, Night Shade Books
The Shadow on the Blind, by Louisa Baldwin, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2001 (edited with Richard Dalby)
The Black Gondolier, by Fritz Leiber, Midnight House, 2000
Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions, by Fritz Leiber, Midnight House, 2002 (with Steve Saville)
Off the Sand Road, by Russell Kirk, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2002
What Shadows We Pursue, by Russell Kirk, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2003
The Basilisk & Tales of Dread, by Murray Gilchrest, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2003 (edited with Christopher Roden)
Can Such Things Be? & By the Night Express, Sarob Press, 2002 (edited with Richard Dalby)
Uneasy Tales, by Violet Hunt, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2003
No Place Like Earth, by John Wyndham, Darkside Press, 2003 (with Phil Stephenson-Payne)
Prelude to Armageddon, by Cleve Cartmilll, Darkside Press, 2004
My Rose & My Glove, by Harvey Jacobs, Darkside Press, 2004
The Shining Hand & Tales of Terror, by J.E. Muddock, Midnight House, 2004
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