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The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler is a paperback of 338 + ix pages.


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The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler

& Other Strange Stories


Reggie Oliver


A man buys a CD bearing the title The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler and finds himself dogged by a mysterious stranger. . . . A nun in eighteenth-century France acquires an inconvenient gift of prophesy. . . . An amateur dramatics group turns out to be something far more sinister. . . . An aristocrat tries to exploit a haunted room at his country seat, but has the tables turned on him by a member of the royal family. . . .


The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler is Reggie Oliver’s second collection of ‘strange stories’. It is now republished with new illustrations. Oliver’s characteristic wit, style, shrewd observation of humanity, and sense of place and time are all in evidence. He also has the simple gift of knowing how to tell a good story. As Glen Cavaliero says in his introduction ‘no one story is like another’, but they all point to the dark metaphysical currents that lurk beneath the surface of our daily lives.


Reggie Oliver is an English playwright, biographer and writer of ghost stories. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror.


The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler & Other Strange Stories contains: 'Introduction' by Glen Cavaliero, 'The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler', 'Lapland Nights', 'The Garden of Strangers', 'Among the Tombs', 'The Skins', 'The Sermons of Dr Hodnet', 'Magus Zoroaster', 'The Time of Blood', 'Parma Violets', 'Difficult People', 'The Constant Rake', 'The Blue Room', 'A Nightmare Sang', 'The Babe of the Abyss', 'Bloody Bill' and 'A Christmas Card'.



'Oliver tells compelling, unusual stories that cast both light and darkness.' Rick Kleffel, American Public Radio Books

'The broad sweep of English social history alone, displayed here, should galvanise those new to this author into seeking out his other collections.' The Pan Review

'For any lover of ghost stories, this is a great read, at an almost ludicrously low price considering its quality.' - Paul St John Mackintosh, TeleRead



An interview with Reggie Oliver can be viewed here:


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