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A contemporary writer who has lived in Norfolk and London, but is currently living and working on the North Wales coast. He met the co-author of The Five Quarters, Ian Rodwell at the University of East Anglia.
Short Stories
The Night Comes On, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 1998
(A collection of M.R. James pastiches: Including: "Introduction" by Steve Duffy, The Night Comes On: Mummies smuggled out of Egypt; vaguely Crowleyan baddie who wishes to reanimate them. Out Of The Water, Out Of The Earth: Man holidaying on a remote Italian island stumbles upon something nasty; inadvertently lets it loose. The Close At Chadminster: Antiquarian menaced by Thing long dead-and-buried while advising on cathedral renovations. The Last Of The Scarisfields: Scholar unearths the truth behind a long-ago crime in the grounds of a Lake District stately home. The Hunter And His Quarry: Englishman ignores local advice and visits small Baltic island: the fool! The chase is afoot… The Ossuary: If there's one thing worse than visiting remote islands, it's poking around ossuaries. Especially on Good Friday, when the Dance of the Dead is about to begin…Running Dogs: Isolated village in East Anglia has a strange railway station, and even stranger inhabitants. One Over: Elsewhere in East Anglia, the sea-buried dead do not lie still. Figures On A Hillside: Man carries out research into chalk giants: finds more than he bargained for. Ex Libris: Or, why it's not always best to return books to their rightful owners… The Story Of A Malediction: Weird travelling folk - not the sort of people you want to cross. The Vicar Of Wryde St Luke: Or, why it's always best to return books to their rightful owners! The Marsh Warden: Traveller puts up at shunned inn in the Essex marshes: finds out soon enough why it's shunned. The Return Journey: Rip-snorting Victorian melodrama set in and around Highgate cemetery. Nigredo: An antiquarian on the trail of alchemists in Holland runs into trouble when unearthing their industrial waste. Tidesend: Weird recollections of a childhood by the Thames, and the strange little girls next door.)
The Five Quarters, Ash-Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 2001. Written with Ian Rodwell.
(Stories following the adventures of an East Anglian drinking club with five members - the Quarters of the title - each of whom takes it in turns to tell his weird tale at the society's quarter-day meetings. Includes: Mr Gliddon's Confession: In which Mr Gliddon tells of a youthful adventure in Provence, in the course of which he witnesses the righting of an historical wrong and unwittingly grants solace to a troubled conscience… The Penny Drops: In which Mr May visits a very peculiar amusement arcade on the far end of a sundered seaside pier, only to have Something follow him back on to dry land…Forever And A Day: In which Mr Scaife tells of his friendship with a local ne'er-do-well and its tragic conclusion, and explains why the words "a haunting melody" have more than conventional significance for him… Better Than One: In which Mr Ashworth explains why not all the exhibits in the local museum are for display purposes only, and how he narrowly escaped losing his head… Uneasy Lies The Head: In which Mr Wilde comes into an inheritance with altogether more strings attached than he realises, and the Quarters find themselves following in the footsteps of MR James, no less…)
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