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Sub Rosa is a sewn hardback of 288+ ix pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w.


ISBN 978-1-905784-28-8


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Sub Rosa


Robert Aickman


Introduction by R.B. Russell


British short story writer, critic, lecturer and novelist, Robert Aickman is considered by many to be one of the finest modern writers of ghost stories. But Aickman himself referred to his tales as 'strange stories', for they are often open to more complex interpretations. The writing is subtle and poetic, presenting us with both psychological and more material terrors.


Sub Rosa (first published 1968) is a collection of eight tales 'Ravissante', 'The Inner Room', 'Never Visit Venice', 'The Unsettled Dust', 'The Houses of the Russians', 'No Stronger Than a Flower', 'The Cicerones', 'Into the Wood'.


This edition of Sub Rosa also contains story notes by the author.


Cover artwork by Stephen J Clark of The Singing Garden.


As recommended by Michael Dirda at The American Scholar



[Aickman's] writing is sophisticated, confounding and unnerving in equal measure; extreme and diverse reactions to his work are to be expected, but it is for these same reasons that he still attracts so many admirers. Brian Showers, Rue Morgue


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