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Cold Hand in Mine is a sewn hardback of 296+ xi pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands,

and d/w.


Second Tartarus Press printing.


ISBN 978-1-905784-34-9


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Cold Hand in Mine


Robert Aickman


Introduction by Phil Baker


As Phil Baker writes in his Introduction to this new edition of Cold Hand in Mine: ‘Robert Aickman (1914-1981) is increas­ingly esteemed as the most subtle and distinctive practitioner of the modern ghost story, or what he preferred to call the 'strange story': he edited eight collections of ghost stories for the publisher Fontana, but most of his own stories have no obvious ghost. Instead the “ghost story”—or strange story, or uncanny story—was for Aickman essentially “the story of rare sensations”: a genre “allied to poetry”.’


Contents: 'Introduction' by Phil Baker, ‘The Swords’, ‘The Real Road to the Church’, ‘Niemandswasser’, ‘Pages from a Young Girl’s Journal’, ‘The Hospice’, ‘The Same Dog’, ‘Meeting Mr Millar’ and ‘The Clock Watcher’.


Cover artwork by Stephen J Clark of The Singing Garden.



'Lovers of contemporary dark fiction should not miss this splendid book, a fully enjoyable , unique reading experience providing full evidence that life’s dark corners are much more scary than monsters, zombies and werewolves.' Mario Guslandi, The Short Review

'Cold Hand in Mine, the latest volume of Aickman's stories to be meticulously reprinted by Tartarus Press, is yet another superb example of how fine literature and reading can help illuminate a dimly understood part of our everyday experience. ... They're superb example of written literature, doing something that can only be done with words extraordinarily well. They're enjoyable and unsettling.' Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column


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