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The Hidden Back Room


Jason A Wyckoff


The Hidden Back Room is Jason A. Wyckoff’s second collection exploring the eerie and wondrous across America. The fourteen tales collected here reveal the dangers awaiting those who wander unwarily on paths both well-lit and deeply shadowed.


In ‘Details’, an insurance adjuster discovers he can presage disaster. A woman learns that to be a part of history, she must lose her place in time in ‘Les Ombres Chinoises’. A journalist witnesses parthenogenesis in a junkyard in ‘A Blood Without Blood’. An office manager contends with a monster trapped in his building’s basement in ‘Comfortidor’. In the novelette ‘The Dreams of Pale Night’, a young man yearns to leave an Alaskan town shielded from the sun. Within, lost souls are found.


Jason A. Wyckoff’s first published work was the short story collection, Black Horse and other Strange Stories (Tartarus Press 2012). His work has appeared in anthologies from Tartarus Press and Siren’s Call publications, as well as the journals Nightscript, Weird-book, and Turn to Ash. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA, with his wife and their cats. He still plays music on occasion.


Front cover photograph by David Baker.



"Wyckoff creates characters with whom the reader can easily identify, and that makes their dramas seem all the more disturbing when events move them into the more shadowed recesses of personal experience. His stories abound with surprises that even diehard readers of weird fiction are not likely to anticipate." Publishers Weekly

"Wyckoff is an original talent, but also one who seems very much plugged into the weird/horror genre, so that you can see how his work intersects with so much of what has gone before." Peter Tennant at Black Static

"Wykoff’s stories are elegantly crafted, aesthetically pleasing." This is Horror

"Recommended." Teleread

"Readers who enjoy a good dose of terror mixed with their reality will want to book The Hidden Back Room." Rick Kleffel, Narrative Species

"Each story and novelette is superbly written. Wyckoff is a brilliant writer." Aurealis #134


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