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Wormwood # 1Wormwood # 2Wormwood # 3Wormwood # 4Wormwood # 5
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Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature
Edited by Mark Valentine
Nominated for a World Fantasy Award, 2012
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Issue Twenty Three
Issue Twenty Two
Issue Twenty One
Issue Twenty
Issue Nineteen
Issue Eighteen
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Issue One (out of print)
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Wormwood is a regular paperback journal devoted to discussion of authors, books and themes in the fields of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent in literature. It contains essays, articles, short appreciations, new research and perspectives from new and established writers about acknowledged major authors, lesser-studied writers, and those who are unjustly neglected. Wormwood also features the columns ‘Camera Obscura’, surveying recently published but overlooked books, ‘Late Reviews’, reappraising titles from the past, and Brian Stableford's 'Decadent World-View'.
Wormwood is published as a paperback journal. Issues 3-5 are is £7.99/$14 post paid. Issues 6-13 are £8.99/$15.
Ordering details 
Wormwood is published twice a year and a standing order for the journal may be placed with the publisher. The cost is currently £8.99/$15 per issue. Readers with a standing order will always receive advance notification of each forthcoming issue (and may decline to receive any particular issue if the contents do not appeal). Changes in price, publication regularity etc will also be passed on to readers before copies are sent. You are welcome to leave visa/mastercard details with us for payment, or the journal can be sent with an invoice. Please make cheques (pounds sterling and dollars) payable to Tartarus Press. Address: Coverley House, Carlton, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 4AY. United Kingdom. Telephone/Fax: +44 (0) 1969 640399. email Tartarus Press
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We already have interesting material lined up for future issues, but we are still seeking contributions. We are especially interested in contributions about European authors whose work may be less well known to anglophone readers. Articles should normally be between 2,000-5,000 words and authors are advised to discuss possible subjects or themes with the Editor before submitting their work. We do not publish contemporary fiction. Payment will be in the form of complimentary copies of the journal. On all editotial matters please write to Mark Valentine with your proposals: Stable Cottage, Priest Bank Road, Kildwick, Keighley, BD20 9BH. U.K. Or email Mark Valentine. 
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[Wormwood] opens the door to more lost and neglected writers than you can shake a library card at... - Ian McMillan, Yorkshire Post
...this is certainly where Wormwood’s talents lie - in close readings of obscure texts, informed by detailed knowledge of the authors and their work. By printing the texts themselves alongside masterly interpretations, the reader is invited to do likewise, thereby encouraging new scholarship and iconoclasm. - Dara Downey, The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies
"Tartarus Press has just launched a journal, Wormwood, dedicated to fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature". Number One includes an in-depth look at Meyrink, an interview with Muriel Spark and an essay on "The Decadent World View" by Brian Stableford. Among the writers it resurrects is Edgar Magnus Birnstingl, author of a privately printed posthumous volume of stories which "date from the last two years of his life" (he died in 1915 aged 16). Oh dear, this is going to give me even more of a lust for lost books than I already have." - Suzi Feay, Independent on Sunday
"Wormwood 1 is classy, refined and polished, both in content and presentation, and it doesn't seem like a first issue in any way." Rosemary Pardoe, Ghosts and Scholars
"Wormwood is an excellent magazine and one much needed in Britain where we should be vying with the Americans by presenting more fantasy-related discussion and analysis. This could potentially grow into something even better than the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. If you believe that the best academic work occurs on the cutting edge then take out a subscription to Wormwood and make your contribution." - The Alien Online 
"I read Wormwood over the holidays, while sipping a glass of imported absinthe, and found this journal to be a wonderful holiday gift. I don't usually find literary journals worth my time, cover to cover, but Wormwood, like the herb that flavoured my drink, is both bitter and sweet, flavoured with the heady brew of the decadence of yesteryear . . . my interest has been piqued, Wormwood has given me much to think about." - Ron Lewis, All Hallows
"The essays in this first edition bode well for Wormwood's future . . . in all cases I felt a definite urge to leap out of bed (where else would I read about decadence?) and go and get the books under discussion." - David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales
"Wormwood is an excellent magazine" - Jeff Gardiner, Prism (British Fantasy Society) 
'Wormwood is . . . about the best 'small lit mag' since Connolly's Horizon or Lehmann's New Writing.' - Gabriel Duffy
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