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Star Kites is a sewn hardback of 64 pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w.


Signed, numbered edition limited to 250 copies.


ISBN 978-1-905784-52-3


Price: £27.50 inc. p&p worldwide.

Star Kites

poems & versions


Mark Valentine


Mark Valentine’s first collection of poems draws on the sources that have inspired his acclaimed short stories—oneiric and otherworldly, and inexplicably beautiful. The poems evoke half-lit figures and images, seen in smoke, shadow, sun-haze and stone, and moments when the visible world does not quite cohere. Valentine writes of spells, oracles, myths and the fragility of memory.


Also offered are versions of poems by previously unheard European voices, including the Italian twilight poet Sergio Corazzini; the early mystical work of Ernst Stadler, a young, cosmopolitan poet killed in the Great war near Ypres; an Imagist homage to the Armenian poet and reformer Madame Sibyl; and a poem of Autumn by Ludmila Jevsejeva, exiled for her work in Esperanto.


Mark Valentine’s poems have appeared in Smoke, Sepia, Amoeba, The Fool, Mandragora and other journals and anthologies.



'I am impressed by Star Kites: the collection as a whole haunts me after reading them, and going back to individual poems as I write this review leaves me yearning to read the whole again.' Phillip Ellis

'...another glimpse into the worlds of this most captivating of authors.' Wyrd Britain


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