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Tales of Horror and the Supernatural


Arthur Machen


Introduction by Roger Dobson


Arthur Machen is perhaps best known for his shorter supernatural and horror fiction. He first achieved notoriety in the Decadent 1890s with his story ‘The Great God Pan’, and ‘The Bowmen’ was the origin of the ‘Angels of Mons’ myth during the First World War. Tales of Horror and the Supernatural collects together the best of Arthur Machen’s short stories and novellas and contains: The Novel of the Black Seal, The Novel of the White Powder, The Great God Pan, The White People, The Inmost Light, The Shining Pyramid, The Bowmen, The Great Return, The Happy Children, The Bright Boy, Out of the Earth, N, The Children of the Pool, The Terror.



'... this is an excellent collection, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with Machen’s work, which at its best is as good as anything the genre has to offer.' Berenice M. Murphy, The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies

'Stories of the macabre exert their pull from Hallowe'en onwards, such as the stories of Arthur Machen, republished by Tartarus Press in handsome editions, made for reading by a flickering fire.' Suzi Feay, The Independent (29/10/05)

'A storyteller of impressive imaginative power, startling authenticity, and undeniable originality … Tales Of Horror And The Supernatural, a generously thick collection of the author's arguably best short macabre fiction is a celebration of primal mysteries and complex human conflicts between psyche and soul which serves as a fine, fitting tribute to a man whose life was as paradoxical and mystifying as much of his fictions.' William Simmons, Gauntlet

'Tales of Horror and the Supernatural is, quite simply, one of the most important collections of weird tales by any author, and Tartarus press has done it proud.' Ramsey Campbell, Waterstones Guide to Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror.


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