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Tartarus is a small, British independent press founded in 1990. We specialise in collectable hardback limited editions of literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction, and we also publish paperbacks and ebooks.We have been the recipient of four World Fantasy Awards, and in 2010 received a "Stoker" from the Horror Writers Association.
"When first encountered, the publications of Tartarus Press seem almost as numinous as the supernatural tales they contain. The simple elegance of their presentation. . . jacketed in uniform cream covers with only minimal decoration, recall an earlier age when books were as rare and treasured as jewels. These are not commodities to be piled high on three-for-two tables, but rarities which remain hidden unless sought out . . . The stories hoarded in their pages are so little known you might be forgiven for wondering if you have dreamed them. The Triumph of Night and Other Tales by Edith Wharton. The Supernatural Tales of H.G. Wells. The Lost Poetry of William Hope Hodgson. And dozens of other titles by authors both famous and obscure which taken as a whole form a secret library, a catalogue of weird fiction from its roots in Victorian Britain through to the modern day." -- Damien G. Walter, The Guardian
9th April 2014: Read 'The Bath' by Rebecca Lloyd, from Mercy and other Stories here
24th March 2014: Our next publication is a first collection of short stories by Rebecca Lloyd, Mercy. It is made up of tales of unease with a sprinkling of the ghostly, menacing and fantastical. The stories inhabit the fragile space between fantasy and reality, where the landscape is in constant flux and things are not quite as they seem. As well as a limited edition hardback, the book is available in electronic formats direct from us, or as a mobi file for Kindle via Amazon.

12th March 2014: We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paperback edition of Rupetta, by N.A. Sulway. Rupetta is the winner of the 2013 James Tiptree, Jr. Award, was runner-up (shortlisted) in the 2014 Crawford Memorial Award, and is 
shortlisted for the 2014 Aurealis Awards.
3rd March 2014: We are pleased to announce the publication of The Master of the House by John Gaskin. This is the third volume of Professor Gaskin's Tales of Twilight and Borderlands series. series. Signed copies of the edition of 360 copies are available. The Master of the House is also available as an ebook through Amazon here, along with the his previous collection, The Long Retreating Day which can be found here.
28th February 2014: We have now sold out of the limited edition hardback of Rupetta by N.A. Sulway. A paperback edition will be available in Mrach. In the meantime ebook editions are available.
21st February: We are sorry to report that we have just sold out of the last copies of The King in the Golden Maskby Marcel Schwob. Copies may be available from the dealers on our ordering page.
18th February 2014: We are delighted to announce that Rupetta by Nicole Sulway has won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award.
The judges write: "A deft blend of fantasy, science fiction, romance, and even gothic horror, this beautifully written story challenges the reader’s expectations about gender and of a gendering society."
Congratulations to Nike!
9th February 2014: Congratulations to Nicole Sulway whose Rupetta was runner-up (shortlisted) in the 2014 Crawford Memorial Award, presented annually by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts for an outstanding first fantasy book.
Rick Kleffel at The Agony Column is very positive about a couple of new Tartarus Press books received. He writes of Flowers of the Sea by Reggie Oliver:
"Oliver's latest includes all the treats you want; novellas, illustrations by the author, short stories, the strange, characters that are impeccably created, great book production values; this is what reading is all about. If you've ever wondered why I seem so enthusiastic about Tartarus and Oliver, this collection can act as the perfect example."
and of Mark Valentine's Herald of the Hidden:
"Readers who enjoy the new brand of "urban fantasy" will find here the top-notch, classy, but down-and-dirty detective noir version." 
5th February 2014: Our next book will be a paperback reprint of Reggie Oliver's Flowers of the Sea, to be published 17th February 2014. The first 250 copies will be numbered and signed, and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
1st February, 2014: John Gaskin's collection of ghostly tales of twilight and borderlands, The Long Retreating Day is now available as an ebook.
In other news, Michael Dirda in his Library Without Walls column for the Barnes and Nobel Review just before Christmas recommended Mark Valentine's Herald of the Hidden, and also the Mark Valentine Book Collecting Video.
28th January, 2014: Please note that we are now open to submissions once again for collections of short stories and novels, as well as individual short stories for Strange Tales V . Please see our submissions page for guidelines.
21st January 2014: Peter Tennant in his "Case Notes" review in Black Static has been extremy positive about both Rupetta by N.A. Sulway and Darkscapes by Anne-Sylvie Salzman:
Rupetta: "what impressed me the most about this book was Sulway’s exquisite writing, giving us a text in which every single word appears to have been chosen with care, so that their combination renders what the author wishes to convey with both precision and beauty. There’s a rare pleasure to be had from watching the sentences unfurl on the page, luxuriating in the sensations they evoke in the mind, sights and sounds, smells and feelings."
Darkscapes: "a collection whose worth far outweighs the occasional note of vagueness ... hopefully Salzman’s reputation as a unique voice will be solidly established on the weird fiction map as a result."
14th January 2014: A new, very fine review: "A stunning masterpiece of modern fiction, Rupetta pulls the reader into Sulway’s world, and emotionally engages them in her life and struggles." Matthew Johns, The British Fantasy Society
8th January 2014: Happy New Year! We have two items of news:
The next publication will be Strange Tales IV, our new collection of contemporary strange tales in the World Fantasy Award-winning series. Edited by Rosalie Parker, with stories by Christopher Harman, by Rhys Hughes, Rebecca Lloyd, John Howard, A.J. McIntosh, V.H. Leslie, Andrew Apter, Angela Slatter, Matt Leyshon, Mark Francis, H.V. Chao, Andrew Hook, Jason A. Wyckoff, Richard Hill and John Gaskin.
Stories from a Lost Anthology is now available as an ebook direct from us, or through  Amazon.
19th December 2013: We are pleased to be able to make available as an ebook The Smell of Telescopes by Rhys Hughes.
Flowers of the Sea by Reggie Oliver has been reviewed at the SF Site.
12th December 2013: In addition to the limited edition hardback, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce is now available as an ebook direct from us, or through Amazon.
11th December 2013: The illustrations for Reggie Oliver's four Tartarus Press collections of short stories are now available through this website as signed, limited edition prints, framed or unframed:
Flowers of the Sea
Mrs Midnight
The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler
The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini 
10th December 2013: In addition to the limited edition hardback, The Triumph of Night by Edith Wharton is now available as an ebook direct from us, or through Amazon.
9th December 2013: In addition to the limited edition hardback, Frankenstein's Prescription by Tim Lees is now available as an ebook direct from us, or through Amazon.
27th November 2013: We are saddened to learn of the death of Joel Lane, author, poet, critic and friend. A fine tribute by Mark Valentine can be found at Wormwoodiana.
Please note that John Gawsworth's Life of Arthur Machen has now sold out.
26th November, 2013: Our next publication will be Robert Aickman's The Attempted Rescue, his rather odd volume of autobiography. First published in 1966, Tartarus issued a reprint in 2001. This new edition also contains Jeremy Dyson's Introduction to the Tartarus Press edition, and is now published as a part of our series of recent editions of Aickman's short story collections. The Attempted Rescue will be published 5th December 2013.
21st November 2013: Mark Valentine is interviewed by Al Diniz at Bibliophage:
18th November 2013: Our next publication will be Wormwood 21, available from 25th November.
The new issue contains:
David Lindsay’s The Violet Apple by Murray Ewing
Barbey D’Aurevilly: Re-evaluating the Place of Diabolism in Les Diaboliques by Tara Isabella Burton
Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum, and the Literary Tradition of the Haunted House by Brian J. Showers
Mrs Gaskell, Mr Dickens and ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ by Tim Foley
Encountering the Unknown: The Supernatural Stories of William Croft Dickinson by Mike Barrett
An Outsider Confined: The Stifled Voice of John Evelyn Barlas by Mark Andresen
Black Ice on the Vltava: The Tragic Spirit of Paul Leppin by Daniel Corrick
Under Review by Reggie Oliver
Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson
Camera Obscura by John Howard
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