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Londonia is a sewn hardback book of 399 pages, printed lithographically, with illustrated boards, head and tailbands, and d/w. 400  copies.


ISBN 978-1-912586-19-6.


Publication date 13th March 2020.


Ltd ed. hardback price: £35 inc. p&p worldwide.

Ebook: £4.99

(Please note that the limited edition hardback and the ebooks will be sent just before publication.)


Kate A. Hardy


In a break from our usual practice, we are making available for pre-order a wonderful new novel, Londonia, by Kate A. Hardy. It will be officially published 13th March, 2020, but we will post copies direct to Tartarus Press customers in advance of this date.


Londonia is a magnificently immersive page-turner. Set in 2072, it seems at first to be a dystopia in which the internet and other modern technologies have collapsed. An elite have sealed themselves up in Central London, while everyone else has to get on as best they can, making-do, bartering, and cooperating with their neighbours. Moving between the two societies is Hoxton, a "Finder" of desirable objects, her own past a mystery to be solved, with the help of new friends. Can hope and friendship survive in this strange new world? . . .


Author photo: Penny Millar

Cover art: Karl Fitzgerald


A pdf of the first chapter can be read here.




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