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The Master of the House
by John Gaskin
The twelve ‘Tales of Twilight and Borderlands’ that make up The Master of the House are in the classic tradition of English ghost stories and tales of the unknown. They are recounted with a powerful sense of place: winter on an unfrequented moor, Oxford railway station in the 1950s, high summer near a legendary Roman camp, a Victorian suburb in London, a college VIII rowing home on a December evening, a railway journey delayed by frost and snow into endless night. The narratives are touched with sardonic humour and a feeling for things past and to come that make the unexpected a sometimes terrible reality.
Contents: ‘Foreword’, ‘The Memento Mori’, ‘Wolvershiel’, ‘Addendum to a Confession’, ‘Wings’, ‘The Pit’, ‘Empty Places’, ‘Party Talk’, ‘The Double Crossing’, ‘Night Music’, ‘The Master of the House’, ‘The New Inn Hall Inheritance’, ‘Where Shadows Lead’.  
John Gaskin was educated at the City of Oxford High School and St Peter’s College, Oxford. He was the first graduate trainee recruited by the Royal Bank of Scotland, but in 1963 he returned to academic life, taking a lectureship at Trinity College Dublin where he became Junior Dean, a Fellow, and held a personal chair in philosophy. His publications on Hume, Hobbes, and classical philosophy are well known. He retired in 1997 to devote the remainder of his life to writing, travel, old wine, friends and other antiquities, music and country life. He is married with two children and five grandchildren, and lives in a remote house that he reclaimed from the devastation sanctioned by Dr Beeching.
ISBN 978-1-905784-62-2
The Master of the House is available as a signed hardback in an edition limited to 360 copies, £35.00 inc. p&p.
Also available as an ebook: £4.99 (Please note that the ebook will be sent manually, so there may be a short delay in receiving it.)


See also John Gaskin's collection of short stories, The Long Retreating Day.
Reviews of John Gaskin's The Master of the House:
"A splendid collection of stories to be savored slowly but deeply, just like a glass of vintage wine." Mario Guslandi, SFRevu
"Here crouch 12 superb tales of the unknown and the numinous, each one as finely crafted as could be wished, ready to pounce upon the unsuspecting reader's imagination." - M.R. Cosby's Blog
"...a mastery of the classic English ghost story that all lovers of the genre will relish." Ghosts and Scholars
"Touched with irony and graveyard humor, his stories will appeal to fans of classic ghostly fiction." Publishers Weekly
"I suspect this book will remind many of us why we first fell in love with the genre." Supernatural Tales Blog

Updated 27th January 2015